LA Newcomer Billie Eilish Is Rewriting Pop at 17

The singer and her brother give a revealing interview to Apple Beat 1’s Zane Lowe.

Seventeen-year-old singer and Highland Park, California native Billie Eilish is pretty much the hottest thing in popular music right now—and it’s not even close. Her debut full-length, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200 the week of its release, and she currently holds the record for the most simultaneously charted Top 100 titles, 14, among women, beating out Arianna and Cardi B. Her Coachella performances were universally lauded as the high points of the festival, her music videos have become performance art pieces, and her painfully adolescent yet incredibly lucid and self-aware attitude make her extraordinarily likeable.

Musically and lyrically, she speaks to multiple generations, embodying tween innocence, teen angst, twentysomething paranoia, and the carefree disillusionment of someone who’s been on the backside of a few failed relationships. So if you’ve seen the album cover or caught a video clip and you think you can’t relate, guess again.

On a recent trip to Paris, Billie and her brother and co-writer, Finneas, sat down with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe for an episode of his Beats 1 program, and the three discussed her strange journey to stardom. You can watch the video here.