LA Singer and Songwriter Greg Felden Self-Releases a Debut Full-Length

And the first video stars puppets and aliens.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for that good, old-fashioned Americana that doesn’t smell too much like the alt-country you hear on the pop airwaves, do yourself a favor and stream the latest full-length from LA-based singer/songwriter Greg Felden. Though he doesn’t bank on the same type of vocal harmonies, Felden’s vibe is similar to that of bands like the Jayhawks or Uncle Tupelo: raw, honest, and sincere ballads and road ramblers that touch on themes like loneliness, romance, and the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

But don’t get too comfortable. Cue up the oddball video for “Every Time” and prepare to follow Felden on a cross-country road trip that involves picking up a puppet that looks like a Wampa from Star Wars, hitching a ride on a tandem bicycle with a person dressed up in a giant bear head, and finally being abducted by aliens. (You know, your typical folk fare.) Stay tuned in to Felden’s page for updates and new videos.

Made of Strings was self-released on June 14. Enjoy the video for Felden’s “Every Time” here.

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