LA’s First Boring Company “Loop” Tunnel Nears Completion

Elon Musk is tunneling his way to a transportation breakthrough.

According to SpaceX and Tesla wunderkind Elon Musk, his Boring Company’s first two-mile tunnel, from the Hawthorne headquarters to near LAX, is almost done. In an Instagram post, Musk posted the news with a short video of the tunnel, noting it may soon carry passengers for free via electric transport pending final regulatory approvals.

Per Electrek, this milestone “is expected to serve as the proof of concept for the company’s vision of a network of tunnels under the city. They unveiled a concept map of the planned Los Angeles tunnel network last year and they are already working to receive approval from regulators for other tunnels in the network.

“The Los Angeles project is also only one of several projects that the Boring Company is working on now that it is flush with cash. They recently raised $112.5 million, which came mostly from Musk himself.”

See the projected transport map and read more here.

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