Would You Live in One of these Amazing Manufactured Homes?

California pre-fab is pretty darn fab.

Pre-fab homes have come a long way since the cookie-cutter communities of the ’50s and ’60s. While still economically viable, they also bring a modern, elevated design to the mix. And California seems to be leading the way in the pre-fab movement.

Dwell recently featured some of the hottest Golden State-based pre-fab companies out there. Here are a few highlights:

Blu Homes

“Blu Homes is a start-up prefabrication company based in Vallejo, California, that has executed a range of homes, from a 640-square-foot mini home to larger, custom-built prefab residences. They factory-build their steel-frame homes in the Bay Area in a manufacturing facility that was used to produce nuclear submarines, and they deliver homes throughout Northern California. Blu Homes recently embarked on an unusual endeavor: a model home village, featuring three different home models.”

Sage Modern

“With a home base in San Francisco, Sage Modern was founded in 2008 and focuses on designing custom homes that respond to local site, environmental, and client-based needs. Like many other prefab companies, Sage Modern is dedicated to sustainably oriented homes through efficient planning, innovative systems and technologies that reduce energy and water consumption, and waste reduction during construction. Their designs are decidedly modern, and prominently feature wood siding, generous outdoor spaces, and expansive views to the outdoors; interiors are often clad in warm, natural materials like wood and stone.”

Lindal Cedar Homes

“As a company that started selling kit homes made of cedar in 1945, Lindal Cedar Homes is one of the oldest players in prefabricated homes. Since then, the company has expanded to offer hundreds of home designs that range in style from more traditional residences to modern urban homes, all of which are made of kiln-dried, premium-grade Western red cedar. For over 20 years, Lindal Cedar Homes has planted trees to replace those harvested for their homes, and they have led green home building efforts in the use of energy-efficient windows and detailing, engineered wood, and other sustainable materials. The company has built more than 50,000 homes over the past 70 years, and now even has international offices, but California customers can choose from 10 different suppliers of Lindal homes.”

Get info on all seven Cailfornia companies here.