The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Having One Hell of a Season

Love them or hate them, you can’t argue with that record.

First, a disclaimer: I’m a longtime Dodgers fan. I was born in LA. My family has attended games since the ’70s, and we still buy season tickets to take in “America’s Past Time” each year. I’ve met Lasorda, Garvey, Cey. Vince Scully was the sound of summer, and our dog was named Yeager. You get the picture. So if you support the Angels, Padres, Giants or any team other than the Dodgers, no hard feelings. But the Dodgers are on fire this year. And when the Dodgers are good … they are really good.

Well, until post-season, as we’ve seen the last few years with some disappointing, anti-climatic finishes. But is 2017 different? Is this the year the Dodgers take it all the way to the World Series and win? A feat they haven’t accomplished since 1988. Do we finally have the dream team to take it all the way?

According to Dodgers Insider, “They didn’t get their 90th win last season until Sept. 25. This year, they got it more than a month sooner, reaching the mark Aug. 24 in just 126 games, becoming the fastest team in franchise history to 90 wins both by date and overall games played.

No other Major League team has reached 80 wins, and no other National League West team has more than 70 wins.

The Dodgers are one of just 12 Major League teams since 1900 to reach 90 wins in their first 126 games, and they’re one of just three teams to reach 90 wins by Aug. 25 of a season.”

If you’re not on the Dodger bandwagon yet, I will totally respect that decision … for now. But if the “Boys in Blue” make it to the World Series in October, I hope you’ll cheer them on as they fight to bring the trophy back to California.

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