Los Angeles Natives The Jacks Revive Rock with a New EP

On the strength of lead single “Walk Away,” LA band The Jacks are ushering in a new wave of raw rock ‘n’ roll.

Say what you will about their similarities to a certain iconic British rock band, but Greta Van Fleet did their part to inject a little enthusiasm into the modern rock radio format and give the oft overlooked genre a little kick in its tight, flared-bottom pants.

Enter The Jacks, an LA-based four-piece brandishing a similar style of rootsy, goodtime rock ‘n’ roll at a time when dance music and hip-hop are ruling the airwaves. Their self-titled debut EP is set to drop on June 28, but in the meantime the boys offer up the infectious, Black Keys-esque “Walk Away.” If this first tune is any indication of what’s to come, you can expect the forthcoming EP to be packed with more raw hooks than a bait shop.

“People can chase success, the charts. We’re playing music that we’re excited about. I don’t think the four of us could do anything that sounded different. Time will tell if the world can respond to this style of rock ‘n’ roll again, but this is the music we had to make,” guitarist/vocalist Jonny Stan-back tells PopMatters.

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