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Love Donuts? Here Are Some of the Golden State’s Best

Believe it or not there are TWO official National Donut Days each year, the first Friday of June and November. We’re not complaining … we’d be ok if donuts were celebrated every day. But in honor of this second special donut holiday of 2021, let’s take a look at some of the best of the Golden State courtesy of Glazed, twisted, sprinkled or filled, we’re here for it.

Donut Friend, Los Angeles

“Every gourmet donut at the aptly named Donut Friend is made with entirely vegan ingredients, but given the shop’s vibrant flavors and rock ‘n’ roll theme, you’d never know it. Try out the Polar Berry Club—a raised donut topped with sweet lemon glaze, fresh mint, and fresh mixed berries—and the Compassion Fruit (half of the proceeds are donated to charity). Don’t miss out on the Youth Brulée, either, featuring Bavarian cream and brȗléed sugar.”

Dynamo Donut and Coffee, San Francisco

“Creating donuts from scratch in S.F.’s Mission District since 2008, Dynamo Donut & Coffee knows what makes taste buds happy. But don’t take our word for it; allow the caramel de sel, chocolate star anise, maple bacon apple, and seasonal blueberry lavender donuts to speak for themselves. If these high-class flavor profiles weren’t enough to entice you, the donuts are crafted from local, organic, seasonal ingredients wherever possible—resulting in fresh, drool-worthy treats that give customers a taste of the city’s culture.”

The Donut Man, Glendora

“If stopping by The Donut Man every time you find yourself in Glendora isn’t on your to-do list yet, it ought to be. Located on historic Route 66, this joint is famous for its massive, strawberry-filled donuts, but you’ll find many other newsworthy delights at all hours of the day, year-round. (Make sure to schedule a special trip during the late summer months to nab a seasonal donut stuffed with fresh peaches.) But beware: The artisanal creations are likely to leave you daydreaming of donuts the rest of the year.”

Surfside Donuts, Pismo Beach

“Combining the best of the beach-town, donut, and coffee worlds, Surfside Donuts brings a relaxed environment, creative flavors, and Stumptown coffee to Pismo Beach. Even the traditional favorites have a twist; the chocolate donut, for instance, has been upgraded to the chocolate malted milkshake. Other unique offerings include Mexican hot chocolate, Twix, and caramel latte donuts—they’re all must-try concoctions.”

Randy’s Donuts, Inglewood

“It’s hard to drive around Los Angeles and not see the iconic building with a giant donut perched on the roof. While Randy’s Donuts might not seem like the fanciest shop on our list, there’s something to be said for the reliable standbys that have been hand-making donuts in the Golden State for the last 60-plus years. 

Randy’s is one of the most recognized donut spots in the country, thanks to its appearances in countless TV shows, music videos, and movies—including Iron Man 2—making it a great addition to your Southern California movie scouting road trip. While you’re there, opt for the decadent s’mores or lemon jelly–filled donuts, and make sure to order a vanilla cruller on the side (just for good measure).”

Ready for your dozen? Check out more Golden State donut makers here.

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