Meet Earth Medicine, a New Hermosa Beach-Based CBD Company

With their physician-backed products, the startup company looks to impact the South Bay’s local market and beyond.

Though marijuana legalization is widely supported in the South Bay’s beach cities, Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo have prohibited the presence of dispensaries. In fact, the city of Hermosa Beach began sending out letters to local businesses in April informing them that the sale of products containing CBD was illegal. (Most have ignored the warning.) The FDA also prohibits the sale of food and drink products containing CBD, yet many are still available at mom and pop shops around California. What all this leads to is a bustling economy of widely unregulated and, in some cases, untested products. Enter Earth Medicine.

A few things make this South Bay-based company different from its competitors. First, the company has voluntarily chosen to submit its products for rigorous third-party testing to prove its advertised ratios and potency, so each product contains a unique code that allows users to go online and examine its lab results.

Second, with the support of partner Dr. Luis Pacheco, Earth Medicine is able to bill itself as the only “doctor-recommended” brand of CBD on the market, but given CBD’s complex regulations that also means their products have to carry a disclaimer that they aren’t meant to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” Such is the confusing the oftentimes conflicting world of marijuana legislation and reform. But regardless of the climate, Dr. Pacheco says the goal of Earth Medicine is simple: “To be able to provide very high-quality products that hopefully will be able to help a lot of people.”

To read the full interview and learn more about Earth Medicine, click here.

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