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Monday Moods: “Abstractions”

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to introduce more variety to your musical palette, you’ve come to the right place. While we have a soft spot for infectious pop music, every now and then we like to dip into more experimental territories.

Since 1998, San Diego musician Jimmy LaValle—better known as The Album Leaf—has been deftly combining electronic sensibilities with warm Rhodes and guitar melodies for a number of tastemaking record labels. His latest full-length, One Day XX, is “a 20th anniversary reimagining” of his second album, One Day I’ll Be On Time, but this one-off remix of “Storyboard” is a beautiful meditation perfect to indoctrinate any newbie into LaVelle’s world. Make sure to check the official video/visualizer here

Next up is a track from enigmatic LA outfit sym fera. Heavily atmospheric and moody, the track is probably best summed up in this statement from the band: “11/8 is about what it feels like to be a human mind that has been hacked by social media. The paranoia, a manufactured, grandiose identity. The way it turns human psychology into a product to be bought and feasted upon by the highest bidder.” You can check out the video for “11/8”, directed by Jackub Blank, here.

LA rock band Bexley spent their time in lockdown in their apartment writing and recording their self-titled debut; a collection of nine hard-hitting tracks fronted by Seattle-born Amanda Hardy. “Far From Home” starts out peaceful enough, but give it time to reveal itself. You’ll be headbanging and pounding on the steering wheel in no time.

TOMI, the moniker of LA-based singer/songwriter Pam Autuori, reinvents herself on Sweet, Sweet Honey, the EP she released last fall via her own In Between Records imprint. Her epic folk ballad, “Lemon Tree,” gets an atmospheric tune-up courtesy of Darkside’s Dave Harrington. Says TOMI of the remix: “He flipped ‘Lemon Tree’ upside down, inside out, and everything in between, creating an effortless soundscape that shines a dim light on the dark and empty spaces sweeping throughout it.” Enjoy!

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The Album Leaf

“Storyboard” (JMJL Rework)

sym fera



“Far From Home”


“Lemon Tree”

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