Monday Moods: “Acoustic Reflection”

Meditate on these.

Some weeks you hit the ground running, sometimes you just need to let yourself be in your feelings before you’re ready to take on the world. With 2020 requiring more emotional gymnastics than usual, we’ve found ourselves needing to carve out extra time for reflection. This week’s three-pack is a soundtrack for those more meditative moments, filled with beautiful acoustic melodies and potent lyrics that touch on life, love and our oftentimes fragile human condition. From Grammy-winning troubadour Ben Harper and Silver Lake singer/songwriter Wingtip, to Australian-born, L.A.-based Blake Rose, these Monday Moods are potent pieces.



Blake Rose

“Ordinary People”





Ben Harper

“Don’t Let Me Disappear”


You can find these tracks and other handpicked selections from California artists on our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist. We add new music every week so make sure to smash that Follow button.


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