Monday Moods: “Alternative Perspectives”

Amping up the volume with fresh new talent.

After slowing things down the past few weeks, we knew we had to amp things up for our final Mood in April. Our first artist is 23-year-old Billy Kim, who goes by the name Karaboudjan. Born in Inglewood, California, but raised in Orange County, Kim grew up in a musical family and had already embarked on his first national tour across the US at the age of 17. “Seems Like” is the first single off his forthcoming IMAGO EP. Bachelor is the new collab between Palehound’s Ellen Kempner and Jay Som’s Melina Duterte, who wrote the LP Doomin’ Sun in Topanga, CA just before the pandemic locked everyone down. Influenced by alternative icons The Breeders and The Pixies, “Stay In The Car” is a visceral track backed by gut-pounding bass. Next up is Lily Lizotte, who goes by the moniker THE BLOSSOM. After bouncing between New York and Sydney, the fashion-forward artist landed in LA, where she just dropped her new EP, 97 BLOSSOM, earlier this month. Turn up the volume on “Shapeshifter” and check out the video here. Mixing up elements of pop, R&B, electronic, soul and hip-hop, Appleby comes correct with “Here With U,” a new track off his forthcoming EP set to be released on the tastemaking WILDER label. The singer/producer has been lauded by HypeBeast, Lyrical Lemonade, Complex and more. LA five-piece Hooveriii just dropped their latest album, Water For The Frogs, on April 9, which is packed with driving, hypnotic tracks that toe the line between garage rock and surreal psychedelia. “Control” is our pick but there are gems all throughout the seven-track LP. Look out for the next installment of Monday Moods on May 3, and as always you can access the full playlist at our Golden State Spotify here.


“Seems Like”



“Stay in the Car”






“Here With U”