Monday Moods: “Laidback Leisure”

Time to chill.

Think about the songs you love that worked their way into your head because of some frivolous lyric or sing-song chorus. That’s what Cayucas’ “Yeah Yeah Yeah” delivers. Next up, Bakersfield-born Junior Mesa serves up quarantine blues-busting tempo changes and saloon guitar licks on “Losing My Grip,” and last but not least, Kaio Mars delivers a 6-pack of hazy reverb with “All I Need,” singing “I wanna go back… Listen to the soundtrack with my mom and dad. That’s all I need.” We couldn’t agree more. Start your week off with some “Laidback Leisure” and ease into the week with our latest mood.



“Yeah Yeah Yeah”


Junior Mesa

“Losing My Grip”


Kaio Mars

“All I Need”


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