Monday Moods: “Laws of Attraction”

Circumnavigating the complexities of love … with a soundtrack.

Let’s be honest here. Tomorrow is Election Day, and chances are you’re singularly focused on what transpires over the next 72 hours and what it means for our country. But here’s another fact: no matter what happens, you’re still gonna wake up on Wednesday morning and be a human being with feelings and crazy emotions. And there still may be a special new someone in your life that you’ve been trying to get close to—or as close as a pandemic will allow.

So this week we’re socially distancing ourselves from politics and going straight for the love with five tracks that speak to those raw emotions that surface when you’re learning your way around someone new. Sometimes it’s amazing, sometimes it’s maddening, but it’s always going to spark a feeling.



“Young Love”


Mating Ritual



Tessa Rae




“Good Day Bad Day”





All these tracks and more can be heard on our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist. Just hit that follow button to get fresh tracks served up every week, all from artists who call the Golden State home.


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