Monday Moods: “Local Motives”

Traveling without moving.

  • Category
    Music + Culture
  • Curated by
    Rich Thomas
  • Above image by
    Reto Schmid

When you think about memorable songs with iconic locations in the title, a few classics come to mind: “Sweet Home Alabama,” “No Sleep Till Brooklyn,” “London Calling,” “New York, New York.” The list is immense. For this week’s Monday Moods, we pulled together a few new jams inspired by California spaces and places, including a beautiful acoustic track from newcomer Stav Mcallister, whose debut EP is dropping October 23. Dial these up and be transported.



“Los Angeles”


Old Sea Brigade

“Los Feliz”


Das Kope



Stav Mcallister



Lee Gallagher & the Hallelujah

“Highway 10”


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