Monday Moods: “Release/Reset”

Get your mind right with our final playlist of 2020.

We did it! We made it to the end of 2020. Well, almost. Friday morning will be the first day of what we all hope will be a brighter year than this one, so to round out our Monday Moods for 2020, we put together a batch of songs meant to reset your emotional equilibrium. Look inward, look around, look forward. Take stock of the year that was and the year you hope 2021 will be. New jobs, relationships, wildfires…relationships that turned into wildfires. These artists—four women and one man—have channeled some deep emotions on these five tunes, from Rozzi singing about the Bay Area fires in “Orange Skies” to Troi Irons repeating the powerful refrain of “I wanna be good so bad but I’m not. I’m a villain” on the captivating “Thorns.” We hope these songs work their way into your regular rotation as you venture forward into the great unknown, and we’ll see you on January 11 for a brand new Moods!

As usual, the tracks below—along with dozens more—can be heard on our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist. Make sure you smash that follow button to get new tunes served up every week, all from artists who call the Golden State home.




Troi Irons







“Orange Skies”



“Old Love”



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