Monday Moods: “Rock Candy”

This one goes to 11.

Even though fall is here and the days are getting shorter, Golden State HQ is getting blasted with that textbook, late-summer West Coast heat wave that always shows up right around now. So why not embrace it? Our last Mood got a little introspective, but this week we’re packing some heat with five big tunes to get you hyped for Rocktober. Just like we do for all our Monday Moods, each of these artists calls California home, and champions their very own full-throttle sound, whether it’s the synthy space vibes of Mannequin Online, the slow rock drawl of The Quarry, or Broken Baby’s defiant growl on “Manic Panic.” There’s a little something here for everyone—as long as you turn it up to 11.


Broken Baby

“Manic Panic”


Low Praise




“The Quarry”


Mannequin Online

“I Want It”



“Cocaine Smile”


All these tracks and more can be heard on our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist. Just hit that follow button to get fresh tracks served up every week, all from artists who call the Golden State home.


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