Monday Moods: “Switched On”

Subtle and soulful electronic flavors fuel this week’s playlist.

If you’ve been following our Monday Moods series since the beginning, you may recognize a few of these names. Bay Area electronic auteurs KRANE and Tycho first appeared on the playlist back last summer, but now they’ve returned with new collaborations featuring LA bass music sensation Boombox Cartel and Brooklyn soul singer, respectively. JUICYPEAR dropped their electropop gem “Golden Sky” back in August, but just last month revealed a 4-track remix EP featuring a new version of the single, plus a bass-house version of “Caught Up” that we’re featuring here. Rounding out “Switched On” is a track from newcomer Fana Hues, who released her debut LP Hues via Bright Antenna Records in mid-December, and Buddy Ross’ “Bored Again!,” a piano ballad masquerading as a drum ‘n’ bass earworm you won’t be able to get out of your brain. All five tracks make up a mixed bag of sonics that will definitely have you switched on before you even get to the second tune.

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Tycho &

“Run Away”


KRANE & Boombox Cartel

“All Again”


Buddy Ross

“Bored Again!”


Fana Hues

“Lay Up”



“Caught Up” Sj Remix