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More Reasons to Love These Californian Chocolatiers 

Chocolate lovers have no shortage of delicious confections made here in the Golden State. But according to, a few companies go above and beyond with beautifully made, single-origin chocolate. Here’s a sampling of our favorites:

LetterPress Chocolate,
Los Angeles

LetterPress Chocolate specializes in small-batch, bean-to-bar, single-origin chocolates. Using sustainable practices and organic cane sugar, LetterPress has become an award-winning Los Angeles chocolate company, but it’s the taste that has customers hooked. Order a handful of dark chocolate bars in various flavors such as spicy chili, mint, and mocha. Make sure to add the unexpected white chocolate varieties—which are made of cocoa butter rather than cacao beans—before checking out.”

Dandelion Chocolate,
San Francisco

Dandelion Chocolate arguably offers the best single-origin chocolate bars in San Francisco. Founded in 2010, this small-batch chocolate company has an affinity for dark chocolate and provides an untraditional chocolate-eating experience. One of the only foods that is fermented and roasted before ending up in your hands, chocolate has unbounded potential and can taste like so many things; from honeycomb and macadamia nuts to whipped cream and key lime, Dandelion accentuates the inherent flavors without adding anything but sugar. If you have yet to try these unbelievable bars, now’s the perfect time.”

Cello Chocolate,
Nevada City

“Beginning with cacao beans from seven countries across the world, Cello Chocolate crafts each single-origin chocolate bar using the same ingredients (cacao beans, cacao butter, and organic sugar), so the chocolate’s subtle and unique flavors can be easily distinguished. What began as a home-operated venture has blossomed into a bonafide business doing good for the world; all proceeds are used to provide scholarships to students and support philanthropic causes. Choose your chocolate in-store based on the cacao’s origin or the bar’s tasting notes—since they are all made with the same ingredients and are all 70-percent cocoa, you’ll be able to directly compare them. If you live in Rocklin, Roseville, Auburn, or Folsom, you can order bars online and have them delivered to your door, so order up!”

Discover more chocolate goodness HERE.

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