Multi-Instrumentalist Photo Ops Releases 3rd Single from Forthcoming LP

LA-based singer/songwriter Terry Price comes back refreshed and renewed after a long hiatus.

Sociopolitical volatility oftentimes creates beautiful art, and the divisive state of our union since November 2016 has elicited some pretty amazing musical output. Take LA musician Terry Price, former member of Nashville’s Oblio and currently recording under the Photo Ops moniker.

“I needed to shed my skin,” Price told LA blog Buzzbands back in February. “I needed to look outside myself for inspiration. It’s a matter of survival to know that there is beauty in the world. So that’s my mission now: To show that there is still beauty in the world. I honestly don’t know how else to write right now.”

The results of that hiatus are three beautiful tracks that Price has hinted will make up a new full-length, to be released later this year. With two LPs already under his belt—2016’s Vacation and 2013’s How to Say Goodbye—Price is an accomplished singer/songwriter who can create substantial depth using a very limited palette. This latest single, along with previously released tunes like “July” and “Palm Trees,” was created using only the following pieces: one acoustic guitar, one electric guitar, a ’60s Ludwig kit, an upright piano, a Hofner bass, and a Casio keyboard. The tunes are shimmering slices of existential pop perfection.

To listen to Photo Ops’ latest single, “Time For An Innocent Song,” click here.

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