New Info Reveals Increased Dangers of Vaping

The CDC is investigating a number of severe pulmonary and respiratory illnesses found in users of nicotine-and THC-based products.

The future of vaping may be in serious jeopardy. Earlier this month, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health revealed that it would be investigating the country’s first known death connected to vaping, in addition to the 57 potential cases of acute lung disease they’ve already linked to the practice. As the cases pile up, the CDC continues to investigate what’s causing the troubling outbreak. In the interim, groups like the California Cannabis Industry Association and Sacramento lawmakers are championing a proposal that would require a universal symbol on all vape products that would let consumers know immediately that the product was regulated and free of potential toxins. While “clinical similarities” are being found among some of the patients and the illnesses are most likely the result of some type of chemical exposure, more data is needed to determine what particular product or chemical is causing the issue.

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