OFF! Want You to Help Fund Their Sci-Fi Punk Rockumentary

Southern California punk rock legends go hardcore for Watermelon.

Let’s be honest, this lede isn’t going to top what you’ve already read in the headline, so let’s just recap the timeline. On April 1, OFF! dropped two videos on their YouTube channel. The first, an April Fool’s joke where frontman Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) pretended to be the new head of Kickstarter Music after his bandmates gave him the old heave-ho from the group. That skit was quickly followed up by another video teasing Watermelon, a forthcoming “sci-fi punk rockumentary” that follows the band from the breakup to their re-emergence as “time-traveling, crime-fighting superheroes.”

It’s OK, we’re just as confused, but one thing is clear: if you know Keith Morris and you’ve seen any of the band’s ridiculously campy music videos, you know that whatever they concoct for this full-length feature is going to be epic. And if you want to help fund the project, you can take home some limited edition Raymond Pettibon gear or even buy in as the film’s Executive Producer…for a cool $10,000 donation.

Contribute to the Kickstarter fund and watch the trailer for Watermelon here.

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