One Woman’s Obsession With the Golden State Killer

After her death, colleagues complete a writer’s passion project.

Before she died at age 46 in 2016, journalist Michelle McNamara was busy on a book about the infamous murder called “The Golden State Killer.” That book was recently unfinished, but was recently released as I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, completed with the help of some fellow writers.

According to a story on NPR, “Beginning in the 1970s, this monster perpetrated 50 sexual assaults in Northern California and then moved south, where he committed 10 murders. In 1986, his sadistic spree mysteriously came to an end, though one of his victims swears she received a taunting phone call from him in 2001. “The book McNamara was midway through writing at her death has been completed by colleagues familiar with her research. It’s called I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, which is a boast the Golden State Killer made to one of his victims who survived.

“McNamara and her collaborators have written an un-put-down-able account of the crimes, the faded suburban California world where they took place and the dogged police detectives who remain haunted by the case.”

You can read more about McNamara’s obsession with this cold case, and how the final book came together here.

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