Palm Desert Says “Surfs Up” to Proposed Surf Resort Development

The project will bring jobs, visitors and lots and lots of water.

The Palm Desert City Council approved the development of a $200-milllion surf resort at Desert Willow Golf Resort, which will include a 5.5-acre wave lagoon, hotel and residential villas. At the new resort, guests will be able to catch a wave in a simulated pool. Opponents to the plan raised concerns about water usage, traffic and noise, but the council felt satisfied with the proposed resort’s environmental approach.

“Palm Desert has long been a leader in environmental sensitivity and when Desert Willow was first constructed the universal use of gray water to sustain the golf course was sufficiently innovative that the golf course appeared on the cover of the Smithsonian magazine,” Councilwoman Kathleen Kelly said.

“This project comes to us with so much thoughtfulness in the plan for water utilization, mitigation of light and noise factors that it truly represents a bold next chapter in Palm Desert’s respect for environmental concerns,” Kelly said.

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