Join storyteller and environmentalist Erika Gilsdorf as she travels the country in her Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, meeting the difference makers who drive change in our world



Episode 2: Trevor and Maddie Gordon

Big change usually has small, humble beginnings; a seed that takes root and eventually matures into something strong enough to not only support itself but help facilitate other growth. Like many of us, environmentalist and storyteller Erika Gilsdorf found herself preoccupied with the state of our planet, but rather than spiral into the negative, she channeled her energy toward the light.

“I decided I needed to change my focus from what was bad in the world to what was good,” she remembers. “When I started looking for good things happening for our planet, I was truly amazed by so many stories of everyday people driving change in their own way and in their own backyard.”

That seed of an idea grew into a year-long road trip across the country to illuminate the changemakers that are shaping progress. The first step on her journey was partnering with an organization that believed in her vision, and could help her, quite literally, drive that idea forward.

“The Mitsubishi team members I met with were real people with integrity and honesty, and they valued the purpose of my road trip,” says Erika. “Since our first conversation I’ve felt completely supported on a level where they allow me to be authentic and true in sharing my first-hand experience driving the Outlander PHEV for a year.”

Developed by Emergent Media with Mitsubishi Motors North America, Soul Pursuits is a limited series that follows Erika and her Outlander PHEV on two of her stops across America. First up is the story of photographer Dylan Gordon and his Help California initiative to lend a hand to victims of California wildfires. Then Erika traveled to Santa Barbara to meet with authors Trevor and Maddie Gordon, two people shining a light on how choosing locally sourced food can reduce carbon emissions through transportation and supporting local producers and farmers.

“These people are doing what fuels them to drive change at a policy level and at a local level in their own communities,” says Erika. “I want to make driving change fun, adventurous, empowering and inspiring.”

Episode 1: Dylan Gordon