Pinky Pinky Drop Surreal Video for New Single “All The Birds”

The video, directed by Ryan Browne, is inspired by Japanese food commercials.

No assemblage of colorful prose could do justice to the non-sequitur slice of rainbow pie that is Pinky Pinky’s latest video. The LA trio of Anastasia Sanche, 20, guitarist Isabelle Fields, 19, and Eva Chambers, 19, go all out to bring “All The Birds” to life, including a giant cardinal costume, “milk seafood” characters, a moon landing starring a mushroom jellyfish person and a white tiger, and loads of green screen magic.

The video, which was directed by Ryan Browne, was inspired by Japanese food commercials, and is the perfect visual accompaniment to their unique blend of oddball indie pop-rock. If you’re looking for a full serving of Pinky Pinky, you can check out their latest full-length, Turkey Dinner, which dropped earlier this summer on Innovative Leisure.

Check out the video for “All The Birds” here—but you’ve been forewarned.

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