Poolside Drop Another Anthem With “Greatest City”

“Daytime Disco” pioneers to join Tycho on 2020 tour dates.

The first time we featured Poolside, we debuted their “Daytime Disco” banger “Can’t Stop Loving You,” which we promptly added to our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist and bumped all summer long. Now they’ve got a new tune, the driving “Greatest City,” which serves less as an homage to one particular city and more of a love letter to the idea of big city life.

Says front man Jeff Paradise, “All cities have a personality of their own. Some cities are sarcastic, others stern, and some are a complex tapestry of varying personas. They all have a strong sense of history and pride.” The video mixes up archival footage of urban and rural locations from around the world into a timeless hodgepodgery that meshes perfectly with the industrial, driving feel and 4/4 beat of the instrumental.

You can watch the video for “Greatest City” and check out 2020 tour dates for Poolside here.

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