Post-Punk Trio Automatic Drop New Album and Video for “Strange Conversations”

Seminal LA label Stones Throw to release the band’s debut LP.

When you’re born into a musical household where your dad is the drummer for legendary (and recently reunited) goth arthouse legends Bauhaus, it’s hard to not follow suit. Lola Dompé makes up one-third of LA rockers Automatic, and has been playing drums since she joined her first band, Blackblack, at age 13. Named after a Go-Go’s song, Automatic dropped their debut full-length, Signal, on Stones Throw back in October, along with a video for the single “Strange Conversations.” The NME described the band’s music as “brooding pop with post-punk lashings, best listened to in the darkest corner of the club,” and the band themselves namecheck David Lynch and Dario Argento as influences on their eerie aesthetic.

You can check out the video for “Strange Conversations” and read more on the band here. If you’re looking to preview the entire album, hit up their Spotify or purchase one of the limited edition vinyl copies off the Stones Throw site.

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