Remembering Storied Hollywood Producer and Former Studio Chief Robert Evans

The producer of Chinatown passed away last weekend at age 89.

Robert Evans, the producer whose personal life often rivaled the dramatics of his film contributions, died Saturday at age 89. As a Paramount Studios executive, he steer memorable releases like Rosemary’s Baby, Love Story and The Godfather films. Chinatown, his first outing as a producer, was both a critical and commercial success. Married seven times, his most famous relationship with Ali MacGraw ended when she left him for co-star Steve McQueen. Evan returned to the spotlight with the biographical documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture.

According to Variety, “Even though Hollywood history is filled with colorful characters, few can match the tale of Evans, whose life would seem far-fetched if it were fiction. With his matinee-idol looks, but little acting talent, Evans was given starring roles in a few movies and then, with no studio experience, was handed the production reins at Paramount in the 1960s. Eventually, his distinctive look and speaking style turned him into a cult figure, and he had the distinction of being the only film executive who starred in his own animated TV series.”

You can read more about Evans’ life and career here.

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