This Rideshare Company Wants You to Go Back to School

Drivers get a helpful Lyft from their employer.

The rideshare services Lyft, headquartered in San Francisco, will pay it forward to drivers seeing to further their education.

According to TechCrunch, “Lyft is going to start offering its drivers access to college advising and tuition discounts for classes, certificates and degrees through Guild Education. The discounts for Lyft drivers will range between five to 20 percent off, with the average Lyft driver working to earn a degree saving $4,220 per year.”

The majority of Lyft drivers are part-time, with 93 percent driving less than 20 hours a week, and looking to achieve long-term goals, the company said in a press release.

“’We know that many Lyft drivers are working to achieve personal or professional goals, which often include continued education and learning,’ Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer said in a statement. ‘We’re happy to offer this resource to help drivers succeed both on and off the platform.’”

Read more about the qualifying classes and institutions here.

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