Sampling $80-Per-Eighth Flowers on a Road Trip to the Wine & Weed Symposium in Sonoma

Luxury cannabis of the highest order.

When a company proclaims their product to be “the most expensive cannabis flower on the market,” you know you’re going to get writers looking to sample the goods and levy judgment on whether the juice is worth the squeeze, but A Golden State seem up for the challenge.

The NorCal-born buds are watered with “snowmelt which trickles down from Mount Shasta” and have names like Mountain Shadows and Snow Dream, but it’s the price that’s elevating eyebrows. At between $70-$80 for an eighth, A Golden State’s flowers are incredibly pricey. Author and self-proclaimed “cocktail whisperer” Warren Bobrow—whose Cannabis Cocktails book is a must-read for anyone interested in experimenting with cannabis-infused drinks—loaded up his suitcase with a collection of A Golden State’s wares and headed to the Wine & Weed Symposium in Sonoma. His travelogue reveals all the tasting notes and heady feels, so if you can’t afford the price point but you want to get an idea of what luxury cannabis feels like, you can read the story here.

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