San Francisco. Sleep. Los Angeles. Repeat

The new overnight bus from SF to LA we’ve been waiting for.

I recently moved from San Francisco back to my hometown of Los Angeles. For four years, I commuted monthly to my office in El Segundo … usually by plane, but often by car. I put a fair share of miles on the 5 and 101, and plenty of airfare dollars on my credit card too. Now the overnight bus that would have been so handy in my prior life arrives on the scene. It’s so cool I kind of wish I still had that crazy bi-city commute. Well, kinda.

Meet Cabin … basically a moving hotel that transport guests between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The luxury bus features sleeping pods for overnight journeys departing at 11 p.m. and arriving at 7 a.m. the following morning. (But you can sleep in until 9 if you desire).

According to LA Magazine, “The company just announced that it has secured $3.3 million in seed financing, and it will start the overnight rides on July 14.” Tickets start at $115 each way and include access to a shared bathroom, lounge area, WiFi and “sleeping amenities.”

Per the LA Magazine piece, “Until teleportation becomes a reality, Tom Currier, Cabin’s CEO and cofounder, considers his company the next best thing. He said, ‘Cabin’s moving hotel is changing people’s perception of what transportation can be.’ At launch, the buses will run only between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but the company plans to expand service to additional cities.”

Make a reservation here.

Photos courtesy of Cabin

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