Santa Monica-based KCRW Chooses Two Hosts for Influential Music Program

Mornings are about to get more eclectic.

Even for KCRW, a beacon for independent music worldwide, these were some tough shoes to fill. After longtime Morning Becomes Eclectic (MBE) host Jason Bentley left his post August 30 of last year, the popular, Santa Monica-based radio station earnestly began the search for his replacement. Current program director of music Anne Litt, who owned the mic most mornings during that long stretch, announced they have finally chosen not one, but two DJs to take over the morning program: Novena Carmel and Anthony Valadez.

“Anthony and Novena have an inexhaustible curiosity and passion for music discovery,” shares Litt. “Anyone who finds themselves in their orbit is bound to have their day brightened and their musical horizons broadened. Their camaraderie and willingness to experiment makes for a natural synchronicity as co-hosts of MBE.

“MBE has always been at the forefront of music discovery, but we are going to do it now with no set rules. Having two hosts also means we’ll be able to cover more ground. We’ll not only be hearing the voices and perspectives of Anthony and Novena, but also our entire community of DJs (all of whom have such incredible knowledge), and our community at large.”

Carmel and Valdez, both current DJs at the station, will debut at their new post in mid-January.

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