Santa Rosa’s CannaCraft is a Pot Lover’s Paradise

After a stint in federal prison, CEO Dennis Hunter is “doing it right”… and excelling in the process.

For four-and-a-half years, Dennis Hunter was a fugitive. Sentenced for growing cannabis, the now-CEO of thriving company CannaCraft spent six years in federal prison. Since then, Hunter has started a successful hydroponics business, and is now the head of a 240-person company that manufactures everything from high-THC cannabis oil and CBD-rich products, to a full line of edibles that infuse natural fruit flavors.

Their Hi-Fi Hops product, the company’s newest venture, is a CBD-infused sparkling water collaboration with NorCal brewery Lagunitas, and represents just a portion of CannaCraft’s $8MM monthly inventory. Located in Santa Rosa, California, the facility is a sprawling mass of corporate offices, raw manufacturing space, packaging floors, and distribution warehouses, and because of its connection with the Lagunitas Brewing Company, has attracted the attention of beer enthusiasts around the U.S.

Read more about CannaCraft, their CEO, and the company’s line of products here.


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