Silence Your Phone and Take a Digital Detox

California hot spots replace WiFi with these divine destinations.

After a full season of posting Instragrammable and SnapChat vacation photos and absorbing a fare share of rants, raves and rhetoric on Facebook and Twitter, we’re ready to unplug for a spell. According to, there’s no better place for a “digital detox” then here in California. We couldn’t agree more. So put down the smart phone and channel your inner social network with a few of their list of divinely distracting destinations.

Shasta Cascade

It is no doubt that when you are exploring the Shasta Cascade region of California, you are guaranteed beautiful mountain scenery. One of the best places to experience beautiful scenery and endless adventures is Lassen Volcanic National Park. This national park is home to every type of volcano in the world, steam vents, mud pots and hot springs, similar to Yellowstone but with just a fraction of the visitors. What makes this park a tech-free getaway is the lack of cell phone service; visitors must rely on maps and guidebooks to get around. The diverse landscape is perfect for activities like mountain biking, fishing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking and so much more.”

 Gold Country

“Disconnect from technology and connect with Gold Country in Tuolumne County, where you are guaranteed to enjoy time with friends and family. Be a passenger on an old western stagecoach at Columbia State Historic Park, ride horseback through the Emigrant Wilderness at Kennedy Meadows Resort and Packstation, or enjoy a guided whitewater rafting trip along the Tuolumne River.”

High Sierras

“With miles of diverse terrain and a wide range of activities available, the High Sierras is an amazing region for visitors looking to get off the grid. Tucked about 35 miles southwest of South Lake Tahoe, Kirkwood offers several year-round activities that will keep you occupied and away from your phone. Just a few miles north of Kirkwood, in the city of South Lake Tahoe, is Heavenly Mountain Resort. Although there are ski trails for the winter explorer, Heavenly Mountain Resort’s Epic Discovery provides a unique on-mountain summer experience immersing in thrilling activities that will make you want to leave your phone in the car.”

Get tempted by other getaways here.

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