Six of the Top 10 “Most Sustainable Cities” Reside in the Golden State

California’s Sustainable Empire

From walking paths and enhanced public transport, to solar/wind power usage and green building practices, cities across America are (hopefully) doing their part to create more sustainable ecosystems for their populous.

WalletHub took a look at 100 US cities and stacked them up against 26 different data points, from greenhouse-gas emissions per capita to number of smart-energy policies and initiatives to green job opportunities. (You can find the full list here.)

While positive trends aren’t just found on the West Coast, Californians won’t be surprised to learn that six of the top 10 cities on the list reside in the Golden State. You can check out the full list and read up on each city here.

Other interesting factoids: Fremont, California and Anchorage, Alaska are tied with the largest percentage of green space, Honolulu has the most farmers markets per capita, and Minneapolis, Minnesota has the highest bike score.

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