Stanford University Is Working on an Immunity Test for Those Already Infected by COVID-19

A homegrown California endeavor in the making.

On Saturday, Governor Gavin Newsome noted a major development out of Stanford on a new immunity test for COVID-19. According to The Sacramento Bee, “The Stanford blood test is just ‘hours’ away from federal approval and could allow people to begin to return to work, Newsom said. The tests are ‘serological,’ and could determine whether someone has developed antibodies to the coronavirus. In theory, those who develop immunity may be able to safely interact with others without catching or spreading it.

“The Stanford test is different from others in that it detects only antibodies, unlike point-of-contact testing using RNA from the respiratory system, which can detect an active infection. It is believed that certain antibodies could prove immunity, according to researchers in Italy who are beginning to test areas hard-hit by the virus.”

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