A Stretch of Beach Will be Open to the Public After More Than a Century

California’s coast just got even more amazing.

Point Conception lighthouse during a big swell a few years ago. #bixbyranch #california #bw

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A piece of private coastline in Santa Barbara County will soon be open to the public thanks to the California Coastal Commission. The private property, once known as Bixby Ranch, was unanimously approved to go public.

According to Sunset, “the land, which is about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, at the south end of the Vandenberg Air Force Base, also comes with a mile-long stretch of beach that has been closed to the public for more than 100 years.”

Another fantastic victory! Thanks to the @CACoastalCommission, @environmentaldefensecenter and @GaviotaCoastConservancy’s Mike Lunsford and Land Use Committee, Bixby Ranch will be donating 36 acres to expand the Jalama County Park! This more than doubles the current county park adding one mile of beach access. The Bixby Ranch owners agreed to this donation due to numerous land use violations. They’re also going to plant 200 acres of oak tree habitat and remove 300 acres of invasive ice plant. After many years of coordinated effort, we’re delighted with this success. Thanks to all who participated! #GivingTuesday #GaviotaThriving #Win #CoastalAccess #GaviotaCoast #Jalama https://www.sbgives.org/nonprofit/gaviota-coast-conservancy/ http://www.gaviotacoastconservancy.org/bixby

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“’You’re getting over a mile of additional coastline [in] one of the richest and most diverse areas in California,’” Susan Jordan, executive director of the California Coastal Protection Network in Santa Barbara, told reporters.

We know it’s December, but too soon to plan a road trip?

You can read more about the new beach and how to get there here.