Sunrise, Sunset … One of California’s Oldest Magazines Has a New Boss

The West-centric magazine was founded in 1898.

One of California’s most beloved owners has a new owner. Time Inc. sold Sunset Magazine to a private equity firm named Regent. According to a report by the New York Times, Beverly Hills-based Regent is run by a Californian who grew up loving the publication and sought out the purchase after learning it was up for sale.

“’A lot of other magazines don’t have the emotional feel you get with Sunset,’ said the buyer, Michael Reinstein, whose firm also owns a string of history and military publications, including Wild West Magazine and Army Times, as well as a luxury salon business and other holdings.”

“Time bought Sunset in 1990 from William and Melvin Lane, members of the family that had scooped up the little magazine as the Great Depression loomed and turned it into a standard-bearer for Western gardeners and those pursuing the art of California living, complete with patio parties, car camping and the skillful use of an outdoor grill.”

Sunset previously occupied a sprawling, ranch-style compound designed by Cliff May in Menlo Park. They sold that property in 2014 and moved operations to Oakland.

You can read more about the sale and what’s next for Sunset here.

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