The Place to See American Bald Eagles Is the California Wild of Klamath Basin

The best time to see them is now through March.

Although California is home to hundreds of year-round resident American bald eagles, December and January are the months hundreds more arrive from all across the U.S. and points north. These birds travel hundreds to thousands of miles from breeding areas for this winter season migration. But you might have to travel to Klamath Basin on the California-Oregon border to see them.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, “Outside of the Klamath Basin, there are relatively few areas in California that support dependably large wintering concentrations. Wintering bald eagles that are alone or in small groups may be seen near lakes and rivers, even open rangelands, in any county of California from time to time, such as when they are on the move during migration or in search of foraging grounds. Winter concentrations diminish from February to April, as resident bald eagles return to their nesting territories in California and winter visitors depart for their nesting areas to the north.”

Find more info and see video of the eagle in residence on Santa Catalina Island here.

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