This LA Bartender Recounts Five Decades of Martinis and Memories on the Job

But don’t expect him to spill any of his customers’ best-kept secrets.

Bartender Mike Gotovac has been a recognizable face at West Hollywood’s iconic Dan Tana’s for more than 50 years. Over those five decades he’s served his share of celebrities, including favorites Clint Eastwood and Harry Dean Stanton, and doesn’t shy away from a shot or 20 himself on a given night.

As part of their Last Call series, Vice’s Munchies pulls up a barstool with Gotovack.

When asked if he’s ever blacklisted anyone from the bar, he says:

“My policy, I tell everybody: It’s a bar, not a church. It’s OK to get a little bit over the line. If you want peace and quiet go to church or a library—don’t come to my bar. If people get out of hand we ask them nicely: “Please, finish your drink and no more for tonight. You can come back anytime you want.”

Maybe in my whole life, there have been three customers I’ve had to ban for good. My customers make fun of me! ‘Why don’t you 86 that guy?’ I say, ‘I don’t 86 people, I tell them to go home and come back.’”

Read the full interview here.

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