This New North Hollywood Hot Spot Has an Ax to Grind

It’s the latest in sharp shooting.

If you ever wanted to take out your frustrations by wielding a sharpened ax at a wood target, your dreams just came true. Welcome to the new pastime at LA Ax, where you and your closest friends—or enemies—can throw some axes for a few hours while sipping sodas and munching on food truck snacks. It’s kind of like darts, but with a splash of lumberjack.

According to Eater LA, “The big 12,500-square-foot warehouse sits not far from the 170 and promises 30 lanes of action. The place is set up sort of like a bowling alley in that regard, where customers can play as part of pre-planned groups, or just drop in and start throwing. There’s no beer or wine available at LA Ax yet, just soft drinks, snacks and food trucks, but that should be coming by the end of the year, if not sooner.”

Booze and ax throwing … what could possibly go wrong?

Check it out here.

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