This Oakland-Based Artist Upholds the Tradition of Stained-Glass Design

Theodore Ellison brings century-old techniques to a contemporary vision.

Over 100 years ago stained glass was a common feature in many California homes. The style was popularized during the Arts and Crafts movement and popped up not only in the craftsman homes of the time, but also Victorian and Edwardian era residences. While you’re still likely to find these treasures in well-preserved, historic homes, stained glass has somewhat fallen out of fashion in contemporary design and construction.

Enter Theodore Ellison.

The Oakland-based stained glass and mosaic artist keeps the handcrafted tradition alive, while applying his own modern sensibilities and instincts to styling final product.

According to Curbed SF, “Ellison, who studied art at San Francisco State University, creates original designs for all his mosaic and stained-glass work. While his work is inspired by the glass designs of Frank Lloyd WrightLouis Comfort Tiffany, and Charles and Henry Greene (Greene and Greene), he does not do reproductions.”

“I am interested in keeping these centuries-old techniques going forward,” not in recreating old patterns, he said. “The problem is that when you are working with traditional trades, it’s always an uphill battle against people’s perceptions that the work has to be crafty or look a certain way.”

Read more about Ellsion and see his amazing work here.