This Santa Barbara Winery Will Let You Blend Your Own Bottle of Wine

If you like it then you should put a label on it.

It’s the largest winemaking facility in Santa Barbara wine country and it finally opened its doors to the public. But the Terravant Wine Company isn’t going to be your typical tasting room. As a “custom crush” facility, the company makes wines for brands across the state. Now they want to share the process with customers and encourage them to create their own bottle based on their preferences. All with the help of a little tech magic.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, this is how it works: “You’ll book an appointment for your behind-the-scenes tour of the production facility and barrel room. Before showing up, you get to play around with its brand-new Bottlest app to create the model for your custom bottle of wine, adjusting sliders that control things like sweet versus dry, fruity versus earthy, oaky versus less so. As you adjust the sliders, you’ll see how the tasting notes change, as well as how popular your modifications have been amongst other amateur blenders. When your tour time comes around, you’ll walk through the facility, tasting samples directly from tanks and barrels, as well as six different finished, blended wines to see how it all comes together. At the end, your custom bottle will appear—you can even design the label they stick on it, if you want. Tours are $25 and include all tastings and one bottle of your personal wine.”

Check it out here.

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