This Solo Recording Project of Nick Byron Campbell Evokes Shades of Mazzy Star

Listen to the new single from Left Vessel, “Please Don’t Stop.”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Nick Byron Campbell is a bit of a musical vagabond. In the group Wages, the experimentalist has performed in an art gallery using a “sand guitar”—a contraption that creates beautiful drones by playing a device that triggers sand to flow over and “strum” the electric guitar—but has also enjoyed mainstream success via tracks that have been placed in high-profile TV series like Gossip Girl and The Flash.

The latest release from his solo project, Left Vessel, is a tune called “Please Don’t Stop,” which evokes the haziness of Mazzy Star as well as the pomp and splendor of a rollicking Mumford and Sons jam. An angelic chorus, reverbed vocals, and a clever play on words make this a tune worth putting in your bag the next time you want to dedicate a track to your loved one.

Give a listen to “Please Don’t Stop” here and make sure to check out our “Stay Golden” Spotify playlist for more hand-picked tunes we love.