This Ultra-Runner Conquered the Gorgeous but Gnarly Lost Coast

Watch his amazing feat on film.

The Golden State offers no shortage of both scenic and stimulating hiking trails and pathways from North to South. One of the least explored is known as the Lost Coast, a 55-mile stretch in Northern California with only limited access to visitors. That didn’t stop ultra-runner Dylan Bowman from taking on an 11-hour, 12-minute trek in March. Images and video of his journey were recently published on

According to Runner’s World, “The remote Lost Coast isn’t for the faint of heart—a regular hike will take most people anywhere from three to seven days when you go from the south terminus of Usal Beach to Mattole Beach up the coast, which is about 200 miles west of Redding, Calif. California’s Highway 1 even had to be constructed around the shoreline because it was too gnarly to build upon.

“And if one is unfortunate enough to be on the route during the ocean’s highest tide, the Pacific crashes right into the King Range coastal cliffs, making it nearly impossible to travel onward.

“Timing the run to avoid high tides is something that I found intriguing,” Bowman told ultrarunner Ricky Gates in the post for Red Bull. “While the sheer remoteness and beauty of the route is something I found irresistible. I’d put the Lost Coast in the same category as these iconic routes as a must-do outing for adventure-minded trail runners.”

Watch the film and get to know the beauty of the Los Coast here.

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