This Ultrarunner Ran Every Street in San Francisco

He ran 1,303 miles in 46 days.

For his “Every Single Street” project, ultrarunner Ricky Gates did just that … he ran each and every street in San Francisco. He started on the Golden Gate Bridge in November and completed his mission in the Twin Peaks neighborhood in mid-December.

According to KCET, he’s no stranger to ambitious runs. “Last year, Gates ran from South Carolina to California — about 4,000 miles in all — over the course of five months.”

“’The goal of that trip was to get to know my country a bit better,’ he said. And he did — not just the landscapes, but also the people he met along the way. But Gates said he mostly got to know rural areas on that trip, and something about applying the same idea to a city excited him.”

Look at his completed map and hear more about his journey here.

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