Thoughtful Tips for Incorporating Cannabis Into Your Home Landscape

Potted pot, scent gardens and other creative growing recommendations.

“Ganja gardens” have become a thing since recreational marijuana legislation has opened legal doors to cannabis growing across the Western U.S. According to West Coast garden experts at Sunset, cannabis is a wind-pollinated annual that has been cultivated for millennia in varied climates around the globe. There are also hundreds of cannabis varietals (or strains), each with strikingly different characteristics–from size and stature to fragrance and flowering cycle.

The magazine goes on to offer a handful of useful tips for both growing and incorporating cannabis into your home garden landscape. Some are even unexpected, including adding to a kitchen garden, using as a textured backdrop and even establishing a scented garden.

“Cannabis is famous for its characteristically pungent aroma, but many are unaware of just how varied the bouquet can be. Cannabis has been found to produce as many as 140 aromatic compounds known as ‘terpenes.’ These compounds create unique smells ranging in nature from pine to pepper to mango, and everything in between, making cannabis a standout star in any olfactory garden. Cannabis partners well with other aromatic favorites such as lavender, rosemary, jasmine, and salvia. Aromatic gardens are well known to have mood-enhancing benefits, and adding cannabis can ensure that every walk through the garden is an intoxicating experience.”

Get all the tips and suggestions on appropriate strains here.