Tiny Houses? We’re Crushing on a California-Made Tiny Camper

Sometimes the coolest living spaces come with wheels.

If you’ve dreamed of owning a stylish trailer but aren’t ready to commit to the size or cost of an Airstream, a California-based company has created the perfect fit for you.

Derek M, founder of Happier Camper, says his passion for campers started at a young age.

“I first fell in love with classic trailers early on, watching my father carefully restore these campers in our own backyard,” he says. “A few years ago, I borrowed a fiberglass trailer from him and I fell in love all over again. I started taking the trailer out on weekends and visiting parts of California I never knew existed. I was amazed at how comfortable, easy and efficient the trailer was, and that there were so many places where I could just pull it in, set up camp, and wake up to a beautiful sunrise.”

He started restoring vintage campers and found himself with three egg-shaped campers on his driveway. A hobby became a start-up venture, and now, the production of unique trailers with a classic design.

The HC1 is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and five years of careful design. An Adaptiv™ interior comes standard along with features like a huge rear hatch, wide entry door, classic wheel fenders, honeycomb fiberglass door and panoramic windows.

The Adaptiv™ system is unique in its ability to easily and conveniently change a small space into whatever configuration you may need. A variety of bed sizes, countertops, tables and storage can be put together in nearly limitless ways to quickly build your ideal space … a mobile office, a sales space, a completely empty “mini-toy hauler” capable of hauling larger gear … let your imagination run free with limitless possibilities in a finite space.

Build your own model at happiercamper.com.

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