Tycho Drops New Album and Interactive Playlist Experience

Cutting-edge producer and designer Scott Hansen continues to set the bar for musical innovation.

Performing as Tycho since the release of his 2006 debut Past Is Prologue, Scott Hansen has created a signature sonic aesthetic that has captivated fans around the world and created a new gold standard for “music to sit on the beach at sunset and contemplate your existence to.” Earlier this summer Hansen dropped the latest Tycho full-length, Weather, which was a slight departure from the trifecta of albums he released from 2011 to 2016. Featuring vocals from Saint Sinner on five of the album’s eight tracks, the new album employed more of an organic indie rock vibe compared to the mostly ambient albums that came before. Then last month, Hansen surprised us once again by dropping his very first online musical application. Dubbed Forecast, the program creates a unique personalized playlist based on the weather you happen to be experiencing at any given moment.

Simply visit the website, allow it to access your location, and it will generate a playlist through either Apple Music or Spotify. Says Hansen, “Return visits to Forecast will continue to produce distinctive playlists for varying atmospheric phenomenon.”

Tycho is currently touring the US with support from LA band Poolside. Check dates and purchase tickets here, and read more about the Forecast app here.