Watch California Come Back to Life Post Drought

It may feel hotter than Hades out there, but this under-two-minute video shows just how far we’ve come over the last couple years.

Thanks to this short, yet very sweet, presentation posted by NASA on the Earth Observatory Channel, we get a satellite view of California before, during and after the historic drought that just recently came to an end.

According to Adam Brinklow for SF Curbed, “The fleeting science documentary doesn’t reveal much that most Californians don’t know already: reservoirs and snowpack vanished in 2014 and 2015 (some down to the lowest levels ever recorded), that El Nino didn’t bring as much relief as hoped, and then that the seemingly miraculous manifestation of an atmospheric river channeled huge amounts of moisture from across the ocean.”

By the end of the video, you may find yourself applauding as snowpack on the Sierras begins to accumulate and Lake Trinity replenishes … all dramatic improvements and a much fairer outlook today.

See the full video below.